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Languages are constantly changing. Since 1996 LBS - Language & Business Services has been ensuring that our clients' message -however complicated- comes across correctly. LBS is an international company that thinks and operates locally.

LBS is a specialized Chinese translation agency. Besides (Simplified and Traditional) Chinese, we are specialized in Dutch, English and Japanese. We can also deliver sworn translations.

Quality, service and strict confidentiality are our basic principles and form the most important guidelines for all our translation projects. LBS vertaalproces We work according to laid down procedures in order to guarantee a constant quality. If you click on the image, you can inspect the process that we follow. As you can see, there are many steps needed in the process in order to guarantee the high quality. In addition to these fixed procedures, we use advanced translation tools whereby we can guarantee consistent use of terminology and style. Furthermore, the final check on your translation is always carried out by a sworn translator who is registered in the Rbtv (Register beëdigde tolken en vertalers or Register of sworn interpreters and translators)!

Quality assurance is the first matter of importance at LBS - so we may not always be the cheapest. But our clients get something in return; very high quality!

Our professional staff live and work in the country where the language of your message is spoken, which means you are guaranteed that your commission is executed by people who have that language as their mother tongue. From our premises in Holland we keep you abreast of project deadlines and continually inform you about the status of every project.

LBS knows what cultural and technical problems can arise and how they can be solved in a pro-active way. We employ high quality norms and have an eye for details.

Thanks to our flexible organisation, you can also always come to use with urgent commissions.