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LBS has a great deal of experience in localising complete software packages, including the online help system and (printed) documentation. We have had many years of experience in this work with a number of multinational companies. We test the technical and linguistic quality, make runtime test versions, and take care of the final production version of the localised product.

Our localisation staff have a great deal of experience in the application and development of computer programs that support and simplify the writing and translating processes. We also have a lot of experience in processing help text at each phase of the software or product development. We supply a complete operational product.

Among other things, our package of services consists of:

  • Internationalisation / Double-byte enabling
  • Localisation of your source files
  • End-user localisation (User interface: layout, colour, etc.)
  • Online help localisation including compiling
  • Testing and checking online help links
  • Testing the final localised product
  • Translating and the DTP of documentation, including the generation of online PDF and print-ready PDF.

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