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Sworn Translations

Every translator that is sworn in by the courts has the authority to deliver a certified or sworn translation. Becoming a sworn translator requires meeting certain criteria. Only is these criteria are met can the swearing in take place.

A sworn translation is provided with a declaration (concluding section) by the translator that is confirmed with a signature and stamp.

Translation of Registry Office acts or documents must be sworn. This also applies to notarial acts and documents, as well as papers that must serve as proof such as those for diplomas and attestations.

In addition all papers or statements that must be registered in public registers must be sworn (Article 8 of the Sworn Translators Act). A public register contains facts that are important for the legal position of register-bounds goods. The public registers are maintained by the government and, as the name implies, can be consulted by everyone. Examples of such registers are the Land Registry, ship's register and the register of mortgages.

At present we can make sworn translations in the following language combinations: